HR Software

One of the major qualities of HR software is its ability to automate all the routine administrative actions of an HR department. It should provide a centralized employee database, automate attendance, leave and time tracking, enable seamless performance management and also provide deep insights about your workforce. Software is not just for making HR staff efficient but it should also boost employee engagement and provide a great experience for employees. It should reduce the turnaround time for simple actions and enable them to take care of certain tasks all by themselves, like submitting work hours for approvals or so.

Another important quality is to be able to adapt to the workings of the organization’s processes and policies. The level of customizability and configurability will determine the ROI.

Next comes scalability. Your organization is never going to stay the way it is now. You’ll grow, and eventually, your workforce will also grow. Along with growth comes the complexities like aligning your larger goals with individual or team goals, maintaining error-free data and analyzing the right set of data to gather meaningful insights. Your HR software should be able to scale along with such growing requirements.

Common features of HR software are :

  1. Automated time-off solutions and response management for better and effective task handling.
  2. On-demand access for self-service of employee requests with reference to various aspects of integrated management and focus on core functionalities.
  3. Customized report generation capabilities and critical data generation strategies for effective decision-making criteria in the future business deals alike.
  4. Creation of custom job openings and management of applicant data in bulk for better HRMS solutions/HR Software and streamlined onboarding facilitations.
  5. Greater insight into HR analytics through the creation of various functional categories as per the departmental needs.
  6. Built-in email direction and bulk mail and SMS generation for better streamlining of organizational processes and the corresponding employees involved in them.
  7. Fully equipped HR dashboard for the handling of various tasks and improving the overall productivity of the organization in general.
  8. Preparation of highly functional and visual representation of the organizational workflow strategies and mapping of critical data.

Soon to enter and eventually may conquer the HR automation are the digital HR software with Artificial Intelligence (AI). These are the tools with AI, which will be able to process HR activities smoothly thus making workflow more productive, improving the employee experience and enhance the HR department’s value and power.

Some of the trending factors backed with the AI industry are:

1.Implementing robotics for onboarding and off-boarding processes (which are simple, but repetitive and time-consuming, and can be subject to human error):

  • By implementing robotics, we are saving nine man-days a month across the team. With the capacity that has created, it has allowed the team to move away from performing operational tasks to higher-value advisory work to drive the employee experience.
  • Tech will help us do our work in a different way, in most instances, faster and better, but that doesn’t mean that people will have less work to do! Instead, it allows us to move our focus to higher-value work that really shifts the needle

2. Using predictive analytics to develop insights on attrition;

  • A benefits allowance through the allocation of annual points for employees to spend on fitness, entertainment, food and beverage or daily essentials.
  • A monetary employee relief fund for employees or their dependents experiencing hardships, and a support line for when life gets tough.
  • A focus on their health and wellbeing by giving information and support in real-time on employee devices.

3. Leveraging on AI and machine learning for scenario planning to reskill/upskill employees.

As a start-up, one of the common challenges that financial risk technology company Jewel Paymentech faced was juggling too many priorities and keeping team members focused on what was really important and prioritizing what was urgent, to deliver outcomes that really mattered.This was the backdrop for the team to implement goal-tracking software that enables the team to plan, align and track goals; provide guided support on one-on-one conversations; automate calendar invites; track and record conversation points; as well as a platform for employees to seek and receive feedback from multiple parties and track career progress, thus helping the company to build a succession plan.

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