How often are we as recruiters limiting ourselves just with LinkedIn, overlooking other resources? In this article, I want to push the borders of sourcing and show non-trivial platforms where to look for IT specialists.

These resources can be useful not only if you’re searching for new profiles not available on LinkedIn.

It turns out you can also search for candidates there.

For internal search, go to Profiles and enter keywords in the search box, for example: Java Ukraine.

The website will show you the list of profiles having these keywords.

In many cases, profiles you’ll find look much like pretty detailed CVs. Goodreads.

You surely know that in many companies, candidates are asked at the interviews about professional books they read. This question matters to the companies, as reading books, after all, shows that candidates work on their professional growth, and are focused not only at current working issues.

If you’re also interested in these employees, why not search them on Goodreads? Sure thing, not everyone uses it and writes their reviews.

I just changed the code a bit, removed the parts which I don’t need and added a Skype search.

Search within a specific resource (e.g. SourceCon).

Search on popular blogging sites: Medium, Tumblr, etc.

If you know the websites where specific professionals publish their content, create an X-ray search for this website.

Flickr has an internal keyword search used in the profile.

Here you can find many designers who post their works or are fond of photography and to plenty of other IT specialists.

Of course, first of all, each of us will begin the search from the LinkedIn, the resource we all know and widely used.

5 Non-Trivial Places to Look for IT Specialists
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